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In a release dated 4 November, 2013, the Munan Treasury has ordered the local money supply at be held at 12,500 Suota, give or take 5% per the Government order.  The new order "takes in account the population and monetary turnover based on local monetary habits.  As the Suota is typically used for smaller 'every day purchases' and cheques are frequently utilized to pay obligations of greater debts, the Treasury has taken the recommendation of the nation's bank to limit the monetary supply, dropping the circulating monetary supply by 20%"  

The Treasury has been very reactive to monetary spending habits, keping monet supplies to a formula of turnover reflective of the population.  In the minds of regulators, the strategy is to hedge against uncertain economic times and set forth a path to increase the buying power of the currency.  

The islands fared well during the poor economic times the past few years and literally saw their currency double in value during recent years as Silver Spot Prices are utilized for the exchhange rate.  The Suota is .24 gram of .999 silver, currently exchanging at approximately 6.24 to the US Dollar as of 15 November 2013.

The Treasury authorized all three islands to issue coins in 1, 5 and 10 denomination units (roughly 1/4 gram fpr the 1 Suota; 1.2 grams for the 5 Suota and 2.4 grams for the 10 Suota, all in .999 Silver).  Per the dictate, the 1 Suota should be around 2,000 of the 1 Suota coins, around 1,500 of the 5 Suota and around 300 of the 10 Suota coins.  The statement advised each island's councils to coordinate with the other islands to coordinate the circulation figures.  There has always been somewhat of a rivalry between the islands in coin production.  While good natured, there is an element of pride involved as a coin isuued on the island is a symbol of importance among the three island group.  There has always been sort of an underdog feeling on Anan Ylhatuoli and Anan Tantaimon because the larger settlement on Anan Munan Ylha has enabled the larger population to take on more than their fair share of the needs of all the islanders.  Each island has their own design for coins.


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A Nation Census has been taken for Anan Munan Ylha, Anan Yhlatuoli and Anan Tantaimon.  The Census was conducted by each local island council.  

Anan Munan Ylha  -  Population  54

Anan Ylhatuoli  -  Population  27

Anan Tantaimon  -  Population 15

TOTAL 96 Persons as of 31 October 2013

This is a decrease of 8 since the August 31, 2012 Census.  Since the year 2000, the island's population has declined from 127 to the present 96.  The Council attributes this to youth seeking a higher education off the islands.  The Council recognizes most youth return later in life although typically without their children.  

The Council believes this constitutes an issue for the prolonged health of the islands and shall work toward affording students to take college courses via online classes and perhaps offer financial advantages for young families.  

The Council states the decline in population has increased in recent years, falling from 116 in 2008, accounting for a loss of 4 people annually.  Since 2000, the population has declined by about 25%.  

Improved transportation, improved family incomes and the ease with which one can gain entry in nearby territories has been blamed for the decrease.  The Council noted the rural and simple life, known so well to youth is not attractive compared to the exciting lifestyles off the island.

(from the "Munan Ylha Nytt" - The Morning Sun News,  7 November 2013)

Spring Festival Set

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The Spring Festival on Anan Munan Ylha has been finalized.  The weekend of song, friends, food and games is set for 6 April concluding with worship and the noon meal on Sunday April 7.

12 music acts will perform on the stage.  There will be several games and several food vendors.  The Museum will host a bake sale and serve stew at the midday meal with proceeds going to pay for the new addition at the museum.

New Physician's Assistant

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Anita Kalanka has returned to Anan Munan Ylha and is now working the Clinic as a Physician's Assistant.  Anita can make calls on outer islands in emergencies.  For additional details, contact the Medical Clinic.

In other medical news, the Eye Doctor will be in the clinic on January 30 and 31.  Appointments are available.


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We are planning a 2013 release of 1 and 5 Suota coins.  More details later.